straight from the heart

These proverbs come from Dr. Uri Ben-Zur’s book, “Straight from the Heart.” Check out more  here!

1. Only you can prevent heart disease.

2. Don’t forget your diet and exercise.

3. Salt is a deadly weapon.

4. If you lose weight, you may not need any of the medications you are taking.

5. The first symptom of heart disease is often sudden death.

6. Call me first if you have any problem. The only time I will get upset is if you don’t call me when you are sick.

7. Bring your friends and family members, so that we can help a few more people.

8. If you don’t want to meet me in the emergency room, take a walk with me at the beach.

9. You must brush your arteries twice a day with diet and exercise

10. Eat egg whites, fish, and vegetables.


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