We recently received a message from a patient:


I was always a healthy man, without any symptoms. It turned out that my heart was a ticking time bomb, about to go off in seconds, with over 95% of my heart arteries blocked!

My life-saving wake-up call was a shocking one. My completely healthy brother-in-law unexpectedly suffered a massive heart attack, followed by a near-death experience and months of complications.

I realized that I must get checked out. I saw Dr. Ben Zur. I  am here today because of his keen eye.

Let our family’s experience be a message to all, so that no one need experience our nightmare.

Cardiovascular disease is the number-one killer in the world. Symptoms do not directly correlate with disease. Take an action: Get checked. It’s better to be three hours too soon than a minute too late! Remember, only you can prevent heart disease!


-Joseph Janji




I am Joseph Janji,


I am Bedros Varvarian

and we will see you at Dr. Ben-Zur’s office!

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