What does a typical visit to Dr. Ben-Zur entail?

Diagnostic Evaluation. 
The first thing usually done is to obtain your medical history and physical examination. 
cardiologist has the extensive training and equipment to find out if your heart problem calls for regular check-ups over a long time or for special tests, medical care or heart surgery. Your condition can be screened with the use of electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG), echocardiogram (Doppler/echocardiography), or blood tests. Further non-invasive diagnostic tests may be necessary to rule out other conditions, such as coronary artery disease, arrhythmiasdeep vein thrombosis, carotid artery stenosis. These include treadmill stress testHolter monitoring, duplex scan of the carotid arterieslower extremity venous or arterial ultrasound, renal artery duplex scan. 
An echocardiogram uses high-frequency sound waves to create an image of the heart’s internal parts. A trainedultrasound technician, under the guidance of the cardiologist, will take different views of the heart. A Doppler test (echocardiogram) uses sound waves to measure blood flow. By combining these studies, the doctor learns about the heart’s structure and work. These tests can all be performed in our Encino cardiology office. 
After the examinations and tests, your cardiologist will explain your heart condition, and if further evaluation is warranted. He or she will also discuss with you the total program of care you will need. This includes check-ups, special medicines, and any limits on diet or exercise. 
In some cases the initial tests won’t provide enough information for a diagnosis, and special tests may be necessary to reveal exactly what the trouble is and where it’s located. These tests are complex, so they should be done only in a well-equipped heart center or suitable hospital, with a trained cardiologist specializing in Electrophysiology, cardiac catheterization and/or angioplasty.  

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