Welcome to the Cardiovascular Institute’s Online Learning Center where you’ll experience quality medical education at your convenience. The online learning center is one aspect of how we are changing the face of medical education. Students are often thrown into the world of medicine with little direction and guidance. One can say that students are often seen but not heard.  It is undoubtedly more difficult to learn medicine in a competitive environment.

Here at the Cardiovascular Institute we want to nurture a healthy and open learning atmosphere. We want students to cultivate their minds and develop their skills their full potential. Medical students have mastered the art of regurgitating numbers and facts from books. Our desire is for students to truly grasp the art of medicine, to learn patient care in addition to the science behind the disease. Here we created a space where students are given opportunities to learn from not only books but experts in their field. We encourage students to start applying their skills early with each patient they encounter while building an environment that fosters a cohesive and empowering education.

Our innovative and engaging online environment for healthcare education is comprised of a catalog of our online and onsite healthcare education courses. The Learning Center contains courses offered by the Cardiovascular Institute and our network of physicians, clinicians, top medical students, and professional associations from around the world. We offer hundreds of presentations on board-relevant topics and other topics relevant to nurses, radiologic technologists, sonographers, and other healthcare professionals. In addition to the many opportunities for students to learn while at the clinic or hospital, we have developed another resource in which they can learn straight from other physicians and experts. Students are encouraged to watch these videos, discuss them with their peers and ask questions.

Our hope is to harbor an environment in which students actively engage in the learning process, not just individually, but as a group. Students are encouraged to build off of each other’s knowledge, enabling them to grow exponentially more than if they were on their own.

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