Aortic Valve Anatomy



RCA: Right coronary artery

LCA: Left coronary artery

RCC: right coronary cusp

LCC: left coronary cusp

NCC: non-coronary cusp

RA: right atrium                                         

LA: left atrium

The diagram above shows normal aortic valve anatomy on the far left (A). As demonstrated by the diagram, the right coronary artery comes off the right coronary cusp and the left coronary artery comes off the left coronary cusp. Note the non-coronary cusp is the posterior aspect of the valve.

Figures B-D show variations in bicuspid valve anatomy. A bicuspid valve can either be a true 2 valve anatomy or it is a fusion of two of the valves as seen in the figures above.  The most common valves to fuse are the left and right coronary cusps (B). Then the right coronary cusp with the non-coronary cusp (C). The least common fusion pattern is the left coronary cusp with the non-coronary cusp (D).  


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