We are all familiar with the billboards, stickers, and online ads calling us to join the fight against heart disease and cancer. The American Heart Association and American Cancer Association have done a lot for addressing these debilitating diseases, and we support them and appreciate their efforts. However, here at the Cardiovascular Institute we encourage our patients and everyone else in our reach to avoid getting into the fight in the first place. We want you to take preventative measures against heart disease and cancer by living a healthy lifestyle full of nutritious diets and wholesome exercising before the disease ever develops.

In the photo above is Marissa, one of our beloved staff members. Her years working at the Cardiovascular Institute have taught her that a ‘minor’ symptom such as a headache may be a sign of an underlying heart condition. So when her grandfather, pictured above, complained of a headache, she immediately encouraged him to visit the doctor.  She saved his life!


Benzee Benzee the Heart says: “The best fight is the one never fought! Benzee Please take a look at our book online From Our Heart To Yours, a guide for better heart health using diet and exercise.

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