Acute Kidney Injury (EL)

Acid/Base (EL)

Acid Base Calculations

Nephritic/Nephrotic syndrome & Residency Interview Tips (EL)

Sodium Recommendation (EL)

Potassium Hemostasis (EL)

Phosphorus (EL)

HTN Cases (EL)

Fluids and Electrolytes (NT)

Approach to Hyperkalemia (EL)

Acute Kidney Injury (BZ)

Acid/Base Cases (EL)

A systematic approach to acid/base problems.

Potassium Homeostasis

Kidney Injury and hyperkalemia

Hyperkalemia is very dangerous to the function of heart. Dialysis and other aggressive treatments are advised.


Diuretic medications are useful in treatment of hypertension by reducing the kidney's reabsorption of the euvolemic water. Loop diuretic group is the most potent diuretic medications of all the 6 groups.

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