The FDA has recently approved two new drugs that belong to a new class of drugs known as PCSK-9 inhibitors, Praluent and Repatha. These drugs are a major pharmacologic breakthrough and are anticipated to revolutionize the way that cholesterol is managed. These new medications go above and beyond current available treatments and have been shown to lower your LDL cholesterol (“bad cholesterol”) by more than two to three times the current therapies! We are happy to discuss if this is the right treatment option for you.

While these new therapies are certainly effective and can be used lifelong, we would like to use these medicines only as a temporary approach. Our goal here is to fix your cholesterol problem permanently and lower your risk of a multitude of other health problems. We have shown time and time again that this can be achieved through a proper diet and exercise. Numerous patients have succeeded in lowering their cholesterol in as short as a month’s time through our highly recommended vegetable diet. Come to the Cardiovascular Institute where we can help you on your own road to health!.

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