1. nicotine still constricts blood vessels → can compromise blood supply and damage any vascular tissue → atherosclerosis, heart disease
  2. nicotine increases blood pressure (but not to the extent of traditional cigarettes)
  3. nicotine increases glucose levels (caution in pre-diabetics/diabetics!)
  4. additives have their own risks
    1. trace amounts of diethylene glycol and nitrosamines found in some e-cigarettes are known to cause cancer
  5. not fully studied yet, but the FDA has recorded these events in consumers of e-cigarettes (may or may not be related to e-cigarette use):
    1. pneumonia
    2. congestive heart failure
    3. disorientation
    4. seizure
    5. hypotension
    6. other health problems
  6. other adverse effects – dry cough and irritation of the oropharynx


  1. no tar or smoke
  2. decreased risk of lung cancer
  3. possible alternative for smoking cessation


Cobb, N.K. & Abrams, D.B. (2014, October 16). The FDA, e-cigarettes, and the demise of combusted tobacco. The New England Journal of Medicine, 371(16), 1469-1471.

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