How do I get full on vegetables? Vegetables don’t fill me up and I’m still hungry.


This is one of the most common things we hear when suggesting that people switch to a diet consisting of mainly or all vegetables.


Here are a few simple things to add to this diet to ensure you get full. These veggies are high in protein:


  1. Spinach. Spinach is packed with protein, especially when given the amount of protein in spinach relative to the calories of spinach.
  2. Kale. Kale has even more protein per volume than spinach!
  3. Green peas. Green peas are a great source of protein. Try to avoid canned or frozen green peas as they are high in salt and frozen vegetables lose their nutritional value over time.
  4. Broccoli. Yes, those little weird looking trees are full of delicious protein. Ever wondered what it’s like to be a giraffe eating trees? Me neither, but you can pretend you are giraffe as you fill up on this wonderful veggies.
  5. Mushrooms. Not the ones growing in your backyard or forest!
  6. Asparagus. Take out a frying pan. Fill it half to ¾ with water. Boil the water. Drop in the asparagus and let it cook for a minutes in the water. Take a fork and push on the asparagus. If your fork easily goes through the asparagus, you know it’s done cooking. Refrain from adding butter, margarine, or salt. Enjoy!


These simple vegetable additions to your diet can help fill you up! So sit back and treat yourself to a mouthful of yummy veggies!


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