I’ve named the three of us “the three amigo’s.” Two amigos would probably not be here if not for the third ” Dr. Amigo.”

Hi! My name is Robert Stoliker (above, right), and my brother’s name is Larry Stoliker (above, left).

I knew something was really wrong with my twin brother the day I noticed one of his legs was completely swollen. I had been talking to him for months about seeing my doctor, but he was resistant. He had been seeing his practitioner for decades and, I guess, it was familiar for him. Several months earlier I started to noticing that he was getting progressively more fatigued, weak, and dizzy. He kept taking longer and longer to get up from sitting, and eventually he was even having trouble standing. He just kept going downhill. I was began to worry about him. Then, the day I saw the swollen leg I said, “That’s it Larry, you gotta go to my doctor and let him take a look at you.” I drove him straight to the Cardiovascular Institute. Dr. Ben-Zur was very concerned and immediately sent him to the nearest hospital for a full work-up. It turns out that my brother had an acute medical condition that needed urgent attention. My brother had an anuerysm in his aorta that was huge and was close to bursting. I was so relieved that Dr. Ben-Zur caught it in time, without him, I don’t know if he would have survived.

Today my brother is doing much better. He’s engaged in physical therapy at his rehab hospital and is feeling more like himself. In addition, Dr. Ben-Zur has been monitoring and adjusting his medications to reduce some very unwanted symptoms of dizziness and light-headedness that seemed to go unnoticed by his previous physicians. We’ve also started to understand the importance of diet change. Larry’s previous doctor told him he could eat whatever he wanted as long as it was in moderation, but Larry doesn’t eat in moderation. Dr. Ben-Zur has been encouraging us to change our health from the inside out, starting with what we put into our bodies. So please, pay attention to your health and the health of your loved ones. If you suspect something’s wrong, or if you just need to get checked out, may I recommend Dr. Ben-Zur and his staff. We can all be our brother’s keepers. Between everyone there, you can’t get better service. I’ve honestly never met anyone more concerned about their patients than the staff at the Cardiovascular Institute.

I’ll see you at Dr. Ben-Zur’s office.


Benzee Benzee the Heart says:

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