“A Feel Good Lunch Bowl”



veganlunch 5045   A Feel Good Lunch Bowl

This isn’t so much an exact recipe I’m sharing today, but more of a show and tell to hopefully inspire you to create your own. I lightly adapted one of my favourite quinoa salads from last year (see link below), and then added in other things to create a filling and feel-good lunch bowl! Oh by the way, as my sister discovered last weekend, this quinoa salad is also fantastic in a wrap with hummus and other veggies. A very good idea, I’d say!

For the bowl:

Black Bean & Quinoa Salad (hold off on salt and oil!)

– 1-2 cups chopped roasted cauliflower

– 1 sweet potato, sliced into rounds and roasted

– hummus, as desired

-optional sesame seeds lightly sprinkled on top


In addition to the salad, I added roasted sweet potato rounds and a big ‘ol scoop of hummus for good measure. Since I already had the salad made in advance, all I had to do was throw the veggies into the oven to roast while I tended to other things. It came together quite fast! Three cheers for leftovers.

Recipe from here, read more at:

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