“Dear Dr.  ben-Zur
I can not express my appreciation enough.   From the first time I was treated at your office until the Nuclear test yesterday, I was  comfortable and knew that I was in the hands of Professionals.  Over the years, I have been treated by many doctors and I was in a position to understand and appreciate their help.  None of the previous doctors are any comparisons to you.  I feel blessed.
When you placed me on that “ Leafy Green Diet,” rid myself of coffee and other foods, I had my doubts.  I pledged to follow your treatment plan and the results that I have acheived thus far are truly amazing.  At no moment, it seems that I no longer need diabetic pills, notwithstanding that I have been on diabetic pills for at least ten (10) years.  The blood pressure pills age gone and to me, most of all, I have lost well over fifteen (15) pounds.
Your knowledge, experience and kindness, I will always be remember, my gratitude to you is boundless.  Thank you.

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