This is our story about when my husband had his heart attack. My husband developed chest pain. We went to the local emergency room, where a doctor told me my husband was having a major heart attack. A cardiologist had been called. Fear and panic overwhelmed me. My husband was 47 years old at the time. We have three children. Thoughts began taking root in my head: What will happen to him, my life-long friend? What will be with our children? Amazingly within minutes, a tall gentleman arrived. He said, “Hi my name is Dr. Ben-Zur, and I’ll be taking care of your husband.” He was obviously hurried and intensely focused on the problem, but his gentle eyes were calming. Within seconds I felt at ease. It was if an older brother had come to save us while we were drowning.

Almost immediately Dr. Ben-Zur rushed my husband to the operating room. This was at about 1:30 AM. At about 4:30 AM Dr. Ben-Zur emerged and came out to the waiting area. He had a glowing look, a big smile, and two thumbs up. His clothing was wet from perspiration. It was obvious that he had worked very hard. My husband was fine and he Would be going home in a few days, he said. My husband was then seen in. Dr. Ben-Zur’s office over the next several months. Dr. Ben-Zur and his amazing staff completely changed our lifestyle. My husband is now eating healthy food and is in the best shape he has been in a very long time.

After meeting with many of Dr. Ben-Zur’s patients, I realized that our story was not unique. Hundreds of them have similar stories. Dr. Ben-Zur has been a tremendous addition to our lives. My youngest son said it best: “Our doctor is special.” Even though I’m busy with my husband and raising three children, I take two cups of green juice to Dr. Ben-Zur every morning. (I worry that he does not always eat on time.)

My name is Azita and I look forward to meeting you at Dr. Ben-Zur’s office some day.

5 Responses to Suddenly Dr. Ben-Zur Appeared!

  • I will say I have never ever (I’m 61 yrs old) met a Doctor like Dr. Ben-Zur and his staff. It’s hard to articulate what an amazing human being this Doctor is and his focus and dedication to his patients. As a medical professional Dr. Ben-Zur has set the bar at an unprecedented level. God bless the Doctor.

  • Dr. Ben Zur is part of our family. We ask him anything about our health and he always responds quickly and also follows up. We trust Dr. Ben Zur implicitly. The quality of care, professionalism and dedication at Dr. Ben Zur’s practice is second to none.
    This story of saving a patient’s life has repeated thousands of times. We are lucky to have Dr. Ben Zur as our cardiologist.

  • Dr. Ben-Zur will take care of you, and if it is not within his purview, he will send you to the right place. Not only will he do that, but he will also follow up with you. As a heart doctor he is superb. He is genuine. He is real. I have been seeing him for nearly a decade.

  • He is an extraordinary man. He takes care of people’s hearts because his heart was shaped specially by gd! He is a gift to all that know him!

  • We have similar stories and applauds for the entire staff. My husband is alive due to Dr. B’s expertise. We had unique issues related to upper body cancer radiation treatments/44 times when my husband was 23. Fast forward +35 years and scar tissue as a result of the radiation was clogging arteries… Can you believe over 35 years had passed and the body reacts this way….

    My spouse has always eaten clean, organic foods, meditated, exercised at high levels, has a Type B personality, does not get stressed. We had no indicators there was anything wrong with his cardiovascular system. Dr. B’s preventative measures are important. Share with your loved ones how important it is to get a baseline exam at 50 yrs. of age and periodic exams/yearly after that.

    My mother in law at 87yrs. now is also a patient….God Bless Dr. B. and staff!

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