My sister is a physician who worked with Dr. Ben-Zur, back when she was a medical student. Our family is well acquainted with Dr. Ben-Zur and his office staff. We have the highest regard for everyone there. I always thought that I was taking care of my health; being that I have been eating properly and exercising daily. On June 26th, 2017 I had a stress test at Dr. Ben-Zur’s office. This was the first stress test I’d ever undergone. I questioned whether I really needed it, but for the two weeks prior I was having chest pain. A lot of the features of the chest pain I was having were not typical for heart disease. During the stress test, however, I developed severe problems – my artery closed off. Within seconds, Dr. Ben-Zur and the entire team at the Cardiovascular Institute were activated. Within minutes I was at the hospital and less than 20 minutes later my arteries were open. It turned out that two of my main arteries were severely diseased. I truly believe that Dr. Ben-Zur and his staff saved my life that day. They not only saved my life, but they did so in the most rapid fashion. I was top priority and they stopped everything and focused only on helping me. It seemed like everybody knew who to call and how to get things done. It was as if a tornado was set off, but one which was carefully orchestrated and precisely choreographed. The doctors and nurses at the hospital were already waiting for me upon my arrival. How Dr. Ben-Zur arrived at the hospital before the ambulance is still beyond me. The Cardiovascular Institute is a great place for medical care. Many years ago I lost my father to heart disease. He was approximately the same age I am today. I will, hopefully, get to see my children grow and develop – something my father was not as fortunate to have.

Andre Shamalian

5 Responses to Thank Goodness I Knew Dr. Ben-Zur

  • Dr. Ben-Zur is the Ivanhoe of the medical world! He arrives in his shiny armor and saves the day, and in this case, the patient!
    Signed: A member of the Ben-Zur Fan Club.

  • I am not much surprised because that is what Dr. Ben-Zur and his staff are noted for. I would have been surprised if he did not discover the problem. Wonderful Doctor with a heart who looks after other people’s hearts as if they were his.

  • Dr. Ben-Zur is an angel in disguise. He truly cares about his patients. We are blessed to have him in our lives

  • Dr. Ben-Zur is a wonderful doctor. It’s already 20 years I am his patient .He worries about his patients and takes care of them , of their hearts seriously with his heart . I recommend Dr. Ben-Zur to the whole world. He is an Angel .

  • Dr. Ben-Zur is my favorite doctor!

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