In conjunction with our ongoing efforts to encourage a healthier lifestyle and help everyone realize the importance of good eating habits, we came up with an exciting project to get everyone motivated and involved.

The Cardiovascular Institute’s First Recipe Book!!

We will be collecting recipes to put together a healthy Vegetarian Cookbook. The book will be complied using all unique vegetarian or vegan recipes from employees as well as patients and Facebook followers.

If you can all take a couple of minutes to email a recipe along with a picture (if available) of your healthiest and of course appetizing dish that would be very much appreciated. The dish can be anything from an appetizer to a main dish to a dessert. All recipes accepted! It can be a family recipe or one you received from a friend or read in a cookbook. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!!

PLEASE EMAIL: [email protected] by November 9th.

Subject Title the email with the name of the dish and your name.

In your email please include the following:

1. Name of your dish
2. The Recipe…(Ingredients and preparation method)
3. A Picture of your dish ( if available- as it would make the book much more colorful)
4. Your full name ( and if you prefer to leave the dish “ anonymous” let us know)

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