A key to having a healthy heart is making sure that the heart is receiving all of the nutrients and oxygen it needs to properly function. When the blood vessels that supply the heart become clogged with fat and cholesterol, the process of atherosclerosis is taking place which can result in damage to the heart leading to a heart attack and possibly death.  Smoking and consumption of toxic chemicals only accelerates this process as it creates the initial damage that gives the fats a place to stick. Once the pathway to the heart is completely blocked, a heart attack occurs.


Limiting dietary consumption of saturated fats and cholesterol will help to prevent the “pipes” that provide the vital fluids to the heart from narrowing and clogging. At the same time including a high fiber, plant based diet and moderate amounts of exercise will ensure the blood reaches its required destination.

All of the food that is eaten is absorbed and transported through the blood system. Imagine that after eating a diet consisting of foods high in fat and cholesterol such as cookies, ice cream and  red meat, that all of the excess fat and cholesterol has created a cement like sludge that is literally paving the remaining openings shut. The blood below is so full of fat and cholesterol that one cannot see through it: a heart attack in the making.


Through dietary and lifestyle changes, the thick greasy blood can be transformed to be free  and clear from such harmful fats. By removing the unhealthy sweets and meats from the diet and living an active lifestyle, the life’s source of vitality can flow unobstructed to provide the heart with the nutrition it needs, ensuring that it continues to beat strong for a long healthy future. Observe the change that is possible with a combination of diet and exercise as this patient’s blood is now free from the excess fat, so that and the nutrients can reach the heart without blocking the way.


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