Calcium Channel Blockers

Calcium Channel Blockers medications are to used to treat Angina, Arrhythmia, Hypertension. By blocking the L-Type Calcium Channels on vascular smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, cardiac nodal tissue, the medications will decrease the work-load on the heart. This effect will allow the heart to relax and work more effectively. Dihydropyridine can be used as antiarrhythmic. Dihydropyridines act mostly on cardiac tissues, whereas 3 generations of Dihydropyridines are classified based on the ability to affect on the cardiac muscle. The side effects of the L-Type Calcium Channels are ranging from peripheral edema to dizziness, Headache. Contraindications to Calcium Channel Blockers are worth noting such as hypotention, heart block, Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, etc.

Dr. Ben-Zur has spearheaded the establishment of The Cardiovascular Institute because he is committed to enhancing the quality of healthcare for all of the residents in the Greater Los Angeles areas, including Calabasas and West Hills. The new cutting edge facility is equipped to provide patients with the most optimal care possible. He is available to see his patients six days a week, with minimal to no waiting time and same day appointments.
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